IRMC 2024 Milan, Italy June 24-25, 2024

Program 2020

International Risk Management Conference

Click here to download the conference program

Global Virtual Conference - Program IRMC 2020 (pdf)

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for taking part at our global virtual conference. The virtual conference will be hosted in the WHOVA platform which manages the streaming and communications during the online event. WHOVA is available both as web-application and mobile apps (cell phones, tablets etc).

In this mail we are illustrating the details to access the app and take fully advantage of the conference.


The link to access the conference web app page is the following:

Your name has already been pre-added to the attendee list, so you need to:

  1. click “Sign up here” and fill in your email (please make sure to use the email you used when submitting your paper and registering online, otherwise it won’t allow you to join the event).
  2. Choose your password, confirm it and sign up.

 The app will automatically take you to the IRMC 2020 event main page.


If you prefer you can also download WHOVA on your mobile device. Click here and choose your mobile device (Mac or Android) Download Whova Mobile App.

The registration follows the same steps than above.

Once signed up and entered the system, please read carefully the online Guidehow to use the app either you are a speaker or an attendee.

WHOVA Attendee Guide –

WHOVA Speaker Guide –

You will find all the necessary information for your presentation about how to share your slides, check who is attending your session, upload info (handouts, videos and others) and more.

Remember that the Agenda timing refers to Central European Time (CET). 

Central European Summer Time = GMT+2, so please control this link to check the time difference with your time zone for not missing the sessions.

Contact for Emergency (WhatsApp, Viber or calls) +393487752890