IRMC 2019 | Milan | June 17-18

Mark Carey

GARP Risk Institute

Mark Carey

GARP Risk Institute


Mark Carey is co-President of the GARP Risk Institute, which is part of the Global Association of Risk Professionals, the leading professional association for risk managers. GRI undertakes research and engages with industry practitioners, academics and the regulatory community. Previously, Mark was Associate Director in the Division of International Finance at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC, leading some of the Board’s work on issues related to financial stability.

Recent work includes employee compensation practices in the financial services industry and issues related to systemic risk and the most recent financial crisis. Earlier, he was a founding-father of Basel 2. He has written a lot of technical papers about credit risk and also about corporate debt and corporate finance.

Mark is also co-director of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Risks of Financial Institutions Working Group, which is a mixed group of academics and financial professionals that focuses on risk management at financial firms.

He is an Editor of the Journal of Financial Services Research and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Financial Intermediation. His Ph.D in economics is from Berkeley and his undergraduate degree in economics is from Oberlin College.

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All session by Mark Carey

June 17: Plenary Session 1.

9:15 - 10:45
Bocconi University, Edificio Roentgen, Aula Magna, Via Röntgen, 1. - 20136 Milan