IRMC 2018 | Paris | June 7 - 8

Reviewers of IRMC 2017

International Risk Management Conference

This year IRMC has arrived to an important milestone celebrating its 10th edition. The result of paper submission was 244 submitted papers in total.

Special thanks goes to all the reviewers of IRMC 2017 for the enormous work and the effort made in the review process.  


Michael Gordy
Edward I. Altman
Menachem Brenner
Herbert A. Rijken
Santiago Carbo-Valverde
Giovanni Barone Adesi
Zvi Wiener
Cosimo Pacciani
Francesca Campolongo
Giampaolo Gabbi
Oliviero Roggi

Linda Allen
Riccardo De Lisa
Flavio Bazzana
Giorgio Bertinetti
Franco Fiordelisi
Fabrizio Cipollini
Michel Crouhy
Andrea Resti
Antonella Malinconico
Wim Schoutens
Malgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska

Giacomo Bormetti
Stefano Miani
Andrea Paltrinieri
Josanco Floreani
Alessandro Giannozzi
Rafael Schiozer
Sriya Anbil
Filip Zikes
Yoshio Nozawa
Yesol Huh

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