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Conference Program 2021

International Risk Management Conference

International Risk Management Conference 2021
14th Edition of the Annual Meeting of The Risk, Banking and Finance Society
Cagliari, Italy
October 1-2, 2021


Risk Management During and After the Pandemic Storm: Recovery, Resilience and Sustainability

Organizing Committee:
Permanent Conference Organizers: Edward I. Altman (NYU Stern), Oliviero Roggi (University of Florence and Fundação Dom Cabral‎)
IRMC2021 Host Institution: University of Cagliari
IRMC2021 Co-Chairs: Riccardo De Lisa and Luca Piras
Host institution Organizing Committee: Riccardo De Lisa, Luca Piras, Fabrizio Crespi, Rosella Carè
IRMC Con-Organizer: JRC-European Commission, Francesca Campolongo, Andrea Pagano and Lucia Alessi
IRMC South American HUB: Fundação Dom Cabral (Brazil), Viviane Barreto
Scientific Committee Chair: Menachem Brenner (NYU Stern)

Permanent Scientific Committee: for info click here

Conference Management & Contact Information:
The Risk, Banking and Finance Society
Tel: +39 055 2759724
Email: – website:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Edward Altman, NYU Stern Salomon Center, Conference Chairman
Menachem Brenner, NYU Stern
Riccardo De Lisa, University of Cagliari
Luca Piras, University of Cagliari
Oliviero Roggi, University of Florence and RBF Society, Executive Chairman
Alessandro Giannozzi, University of Florence, RBF Society Treasurer