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Sebastian Schich

Sebastian Schich


Sebastian Schich is currently a principal economist at the Organisation For Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), working in the Financial Affairs Division of the Directorate Of Corporate and Financial Affairs. He serves the OECD´s Financial Markets Committee and its insurance and the Private Pensions Committee. He also represents the organisation in various forums outside the OECD such as the vulnerabilities group of the Financial Stability Forum (FSF). Sebastian Schich is also involved in the so-called enhanced engagement process of the OECD with non-member countries, and in this context he has worked on the financial systems in China and India.

Previously, he worked in the Economics Department of the OECD, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Deutsche Bank. While preparing his PhD in economics within the European doctoral programme in quantitative economics, completed at the London School Of Economics, he worked for the United Nations.

Sebastian Schich has published articles in the areas of international capital mobility, monetary policy indicators, monetary integration and the linkages between finance and growth in refereed academic journals, including the Review of Economic Statistics and Journal of International Money and Finance.